Brunch at Giada in Las Vegas


Vegas is an amazing place for food. With so many people coming from all around the world, there is an amazing range of food available here. Since moving here, I have probably gained way too much weight, but my soul is happy!

SO to the joint. Giada is located at The Cromwell on the strip. It’s a little casino right next to the flamingo. The restaurant is located up top on the corner, facing the strip. After walking through the casino, you find a giant staircase that leads to Giada. My friend Deb and I got the best table in town. The windows were open, facing the Bellagio fountains, and it was a perfect 67*.


The restaurant itself is exactly how you would picture her restaurant to look like. Chic, light, airy, with some hip Italian décor. It’s very cozy and a great chill out space.

Deb and I decided the brunch tasting menu would be best. You get to try the best of everything for a great price. I’ve never tried Chicken and waffles so this seemed like a good time to try lol.


This is the current brunch tasting menu, but I’m sure it changes often. So we both shared the antipasti plate, then each ordered our choice of main dish, then dessert. We wanted the bottomless mimosas, but alas we had to get the kids later 😦

HOLY MOLY. Freaking AMAZEBALLS! Each coarse was just enough food and easy on the eyes. I see the appeal to Chicken and waffles now. Sweet and savory! The meal was offered with almond butter and fresh muddled jam. It was all enough until we got to the soufflé with buttermilk gelato. It was so heavy and heavenly, almost impossible to finish.

     Overall, I would say this is a definite  must do when you come to the strip. Any food network fan will get a kick out of this place, but the food is good too lol.







My Ore-Ida Totchos recipe

As part of my Jingle VoxBox, I got a coupon to get a packet of Ore-ida tots for free from influenster. As I went through my pinterest looking for recipe ideas, I found one and kind of made my own healthier version of sloppy joes. Check mine out or check out other recipes from them!



*Ground chicken
*Sloppy joe packet
*grated cheddar cheese
*Bag of Ore-ida tater tots (32 oz)


* Brown the chicken and drain the fat
* Mix in a packet of the sloppy joe and the carrots
*Pour into a baking dish
*Sprinkle cheese on top
*Place the tater tots on top in a row neatly
*Bake at 450 for 25 mins, or until the tots are golden

KISS True Volume Lashes & Aloe adhesive

I got an awesome VoxBox from full of goodies to try for free, and one of them was KISS True Volume Lashes with lash adhesive. I will admit, I’m not really good with putting lashes on and was SUPER intimidated. But alas, I had an event come up so I decided to try it. I used to work at Ulta so I knew how to apply them.

*Grab some tweezers, a mirror, q-tip, and scissors.
*Place a strip next to your eye and gauge if it fits. If it’s too long, trim them.
*I Use the handy adhesive with aloe, and brush along the lash line of the strip.*Tilt your head back and look down towards the mirror, kind of eyes 1/2 open.
*Place the strip on with your tweezers, working slowly from the outside in. Using a qtip to lightly push down the strip, moving along your lash line.
*Slightly close your eyes and fan them with your hands.
*VOILA! You did it 🙂

What’s nice about these is that it doesn’t dry right away so there’s wiggle room, but does dry quickly so you are out the door. They said still all night and it didn’t hurt when I pulled them off. Used my lancome makeup remover (nice and oily) to hydrate that area.

Both the lashes and adhesive are $3.99 so if you do it once in awhile, it’s a pretty awesome deal. Good luck!FullSizeRender

Marc Jacobs Beauty VoxBox



I am part of a website that get free product to try. All I have to do is give it my honest review so this month I got the Marc Jacobs Beauty Voxbox from AHHHMAAZZINNGGGG! I got the Velvet Noir Mascara and let me tell you…DAYUM SON! I have been using the fabulous Dior Diorshow for years. It’s the only mascara that does what it says, and of course smells like roses. When I got this to try, I was thinking, “cool another mascara.” I was very pleasantly surprised and how amazing it is.


*Color – bold black
*Packaging – expensive and eye catching
*Brush – It spirals so that it catches every lash     *Stay factor- It never flaked on me and held a good curl


*Price – $26 It’s not a con to me because I spent that much on Dior but it’s a little higher than most.

Overall I am very happy with this mascara and would definitely consider it over my Dior next time. Thanks so much for reading…what’s your favorite mascara?!

YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

These lipsticks are amazing! At $36 it’s a little pricey but worth it. I got to try 2 full size free colors thanks to @influenster. “Fuchsia” and “Rose stiletto” are the colors I got and they so on smooth! With Yeast, carrot, and rosemary extract, they glide and hydrate.  Here’s my link to my youtube channel so you know how I really feel 🙂

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Respect the Mandolin Slicer

Mainstays Multi-Produce Slicer

THIS. This is a mandolin slicer. Amazing tool but when not used properly, a scary weapon.

I had a craving for some potato chips. I had extra potato’s and thought…let’s make some healthy ones! I get my mandolin out. Deciding between the thick slice or thin, finally chose the thin (thank GOD!). The hand guard seemed too small to handle the potato, so i just turned it sideways and start slicing. Stopped after a few slices and everything seemed awesome. Perfect thin potato slices. THEN…BAM. I stop and look at my finger. I sliced the tip of my pinky. At first it was fine. It didn’t hurt and it wasn’t really bleeding. One minute later…gush of blood comes. I put my finger under running water and it seemed like 1 of the plagues. The water turned into blood. It wouldn’t stop.

I’m very squeamish and a big baby when it comes to blood (sorry dad, I know you wanted me to be a doctor). Started to cry and freakout. My poor daughter came and tried to calm me down but I just cried and told her to call dad. Thankfully dad was already on the way home and saw what I did. He googled and helped stop the blood.

Just in case you want to know, thanks to my awesome nurse friends on FB, stop the bleeding but holding it up above your heart, with pressure, it’s gonna hurt. Then when it stops, clean the area, get a gauze, put some ointment on it, and wrap it up. Keep your wound up to continue to stop the blood. I like an idiot, just wrapped it without the ointment and so when I woke up, the dried blood stuck to the gauze which stuck to my wound. OUCH. Took over 20 mins of soaking and peeling to get it off. It’s finally healing.

So friends. Chef’s and amateurs. Respect the equipment, keep a lazer-focus eye on what you are doing, and use all instruments correctly. Common sense but I needed a reminder 🙂