Marc Jacobs Beauty VoxBox



I am part of a website that get free product to try. All I have to do is give it my honest review so this month I got the Marc Jacobs Beauty Voxbox from AHHHMAAZZINNGGGG! I got the Velvet Noir Mascara and let me tell you…DAYUM SON! I have been using the fabulous Dior Diorshow for years. It’s the only mascara that does what it says, and of course smells like roses. When I got this to try, I was thinking, “cool another mascara.” I was very pleasantly surprised and how amazing it is.


*Color – bold black
*Packaging – expensive and eye catching
*Brush – It spirals so that it catches every lash     *Stay factor- It never flaked on me and held a good curl


*Price – $26 It’s not a con to me because I spent that much on Dior but it’s a little higher than most.

Overall I am very happy with this mascara and would definitely consider it over my Dior next time. Thanks so much for reading…what’s your favorite mascara?!

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