KISS True Volume Lashes & Aloe adhesive

I got an awesome VoxBox from full of goodies to try for free, and one of them was KISS True Volume Lashes with lash adhesive. I will admit, I’m not really good with putting lashes on and was SUPER intimidated. But alas, I had an event come up so I decided to try it. I used to work at Ulta so I knew how to apply them.

*Grab some tweezers, a mirror, q-tip, and scissors.
*Place a strip next to your eye and gauge if it fits. If it’s too long, trim them.
*I Use the handy adhesive with aloe, and brush along the lash line of the strip.*Tilt your head back and look down towards the mirror, kind of eyes 1/2 open.
*Place the strip on with your tweezers, working slowly from the outside in. Using a qtip to lightly push down the strip, moving along your lash line.
*Slightly close your eyes and fan them with your hands.
*VOILA! You did it 🙂

What’s nice about these is that it doesn’t dry right away so there’s wiggle room, but does dry quickly so you are out the door. They said still all night and it didn’t hurt when I pulled them off. Used my lancome makeup remover (nice and oily) to hydrate that area.

Both the lashes and adhesive are $3.99 so if you do it once in awhile, it’s a pretty awesome deal. Good luck!FullSizeRender

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