Respect the Mandolin Slicer

Mainstays Multi-Produce Slicer

THIS. This is a mandolin slicer. Amazing tool but when not used properly, a scary weapon.

I had a craving for some potato chips. I had extra potato’s and thought…let’s make some healthy ones! I get my mandolin out. Deciding between the thick slice or thin, finally chose the thin (thank GOD!). The hand guard seemed too small to handle the potato, so i just turned it sideways and start slicing. Stopped after a few slices and everything seemed awesome. Perfect thin potato slices. THEN…BAM. I stop and look at my finger. I sliced the tip of my pinky. At first it was fine. It didn’t hurt and it wasn’t really bleeding. One minute later…gush of blood comes. I put my finger under running water and it seemed like 1 of the plagues. The water turned into blood. It wouldn’t stop.

I’m very squeamish and a big baby when it comes to blood (sorry dad, I know you wanted me to be a doctor). Started to cry and freakout. My poor daughter came and tried to calm me down but I just cried and told her to call dad. Thankfully dad was already on the way home and saw what I did. He googled and helped stop the blood.

Just in case you want to know, thanks to my awesome nurse friends on FB, stop the bleeding but holding it up above your heart, with pressure, it’s gonna hurt. Then when it stops, clean the area, get a gauze, put some ointment on it, and wrap it up. Keep your wound up to continue to stop the blood. I like an idiot, just wrapped it without the ointment and so when I woke up, the dried blood stuck to the gauze which stuck to my wound. OUCH. Took over 20 mins of soaking and peeling to get it off. It’s finally healing.

So friends. Chef’s and amateurs. Respect the equipment, keep a lazer-focus eye on what you are doing, and use all instruments correctly. Common sense but I needed a reminder 🙂

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